Zoo Racha‌‌‌

Our Zoo-Racha hot sauce is our flagship recipe and is inspired by Tai cuisine. Zoo-Racha is made with fermented red Jalapenos. It’s bright red color and mellow yet tangy finish makes this a great sauce for all pallets.

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Pho King Hot

Our Pho-King Hot sauce is inspired by one of our family favorite comfort foods, Vietnamese Pho.  This sauce is made with fresh green Jalapeno peppers, fresh basil, fresh ginger, soy sauce and lime. The fresh basil and green jalapenos gives this unique hot sauce a deep green color while the complex assortment of spices such as cardamom, clove, star anis, garlic and coriander bring forward a beautiful taste of the Far-East that is unique to Vietnamese cuisine.

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Orange Fire

Our Orange Fire hot sauce is made with fresh habaneros and carrots blending the combination into a beautiful bright orange color. Our Orange Fire sauce is a crowd-pleaser that is sure to impress your guest with its fruity, floral, and citrus flavors from the habaneros and hints of earthy and sweetness derived from the carrots. 

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Nelson Bites Back with Chipotle

Our Nelson sauce is for the die hard Chipotle fans. The roasted smoky heat of habanero peppers, onion and roasted garlic is the perfect addition to any Mexican dish or an ordinary meal needing that special cozy chipotle pepper heat.

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*Our Zoo-Racha, Orange Fire, Pho-King and Nelson Bites Back hot sauces are diverse to compliment any favorite dish. Whether it be a favorite egg dish, pizza or a family taco Tuesday night, these sauces will definitely become a guest favorite and an easy addition to your kitchen table for fun everyday use.  

These 4 original hot sauce flavors are sold in 5 Oz glass bottles and are priced at $8 each. Each bottled is labeled following all FDA regulations and ingredients requirements.